Affairs with Clay

        Håndlavet Keramik

        Inspired by Nature

Vessels inspired by ancient Rituals

"My way of comprehending the world and huge interest in ancient ceramic is reflected in my Ceramics"

 "I love making Ceramics in my workshop while and dreaming of other cultures and worlds. How different conditions shape lives.

Ceramics has always been a neccessary part of peoples lives around the World, being used for storage of food and more. 

I have sold handmade Ceramics in my Copenhagen Shop - Now I am living in Langeland Learning and making Ceramics myself, whenever I can"!

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My Affairs with Clay

"I have always been fascinated with clay and with ceramic. As 9 year old I bought my first ceramic pitcher with 4 mugs in Great Britain on a summer holiday with my brother and parents."

From my shop LotteK in Copenhagen I sold loads of handmade ceramics while dreaming about starting learning the procceses handling Clay myself.

2019 was a turning point leading me towards a love affair with clay, I spend 7 month travelling through Peru visiting ancient temples seing thousands of ancient ritual ceramics found buried with the dead. In Peru as in Scandinavia, Egypt, Africa and so many other parts of our world, we buried ceramics together with the dead because then they would have a good start in the next life. While travelling I did 2 ceramic courses with an indian ceramicist living in the Sacred Valley of Peru. He is grounded in the old traditions concerning peruvian pottery and ritual behaviours. My first ever ceramic piece is a small vessel inspired by ancient peruvian tradition and my facial expression is revealing my great happiness with clay.

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"Experimenting and mixing my own Glazes is an awesome process - testing on my handmade ceramic pieces is even more satisfying"